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RICHIE ALAN (born Richard Galichon, August 21, 1968) is an independent studio drummer based in New York. Formally trained at the Downs School of Music, Richie Alan emerged as a three-time gold medalist in the Long Island Drum Teachers Association. Years later, he expanded his studies with the late jazz drummer Joe Morello (Dave Brubeck Quartet) and classic rock drummer Simon Kirke (Bad Company).

Mostly known for performing locally in the NYC & Long Island music scene, Richie Alan's drumming achieved a cult following, garnering praise from many well-established drummers including Tommy Aldridge and Bill Bruford.

Legendary guitarist Les Paul presented Richie Alan with an autographed custom Gibson Les Paul guitar at the Beacons in Jazz award gala in 2002.

Richie Alan plays Saluda cymbals live and in the studio.

"Great drummers are really hard to find,
so we're very fortunate that our paths crossed."

John Ford (The Strawbs, Hudson Ford, The Monks)

"Obviously a dedicated drummer...
I was very impressed with his technique."

Simon Kirke (Bad Company, Free)


"I think he sounds great!!!"

Tommy Aldridge (Whitesnake, Ozzy Osbourne)


"Nice playing. Very snappy!"

Bill Bruford (Yes, Earthworks, King Crimson)



Jonathan Mover (Fuel, Everlast, GTR, Alice Cooper)


"Richie Alan's single strokes are fast and smooth."
Joe Morello (Dave Brubeck Quartet)

"He's one of the BEST drummers I ever played with!"

John Ford (The Strawbs, Hudson Ford, The Monks)

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